22 July, 2008

Belgian Indepence Day

Happy Belgium Day!

Today is Belgium's independence day and in celebration of their freedom from the Dutch in 1831 we took a day trip into Brussels for some sight seeing and mussels. Mussels in Brussels, how perfect.

Our chosen mode of transportation today was the automobile. Bram Coppens was our driver and car provider. He came to join our group via Ryan Bak (Bak stayed at his house a couple of years ago while racing here and has maintained that friendship since, he's a good guy to have around since none of us speak Flemmish.

Brussels was packed with people. It was like the whole city center turned into a festival and everyone came out to celebrate the holiday. We must have missed the main part of the parade because all I saw was a bunch of military policemen parading their big guns, kind of lame.

We finally escaped that fiasco and wound up doing the standard tourist thing, stopping by all the major landmarks and eating the traditional foods. Moules et pomme frites. Mussels and fries. All I can say is that it was a delectable feast and I will certainly be eating some more of this favorite national dish.

All of this on 5 hours of sleep because of the ridiculousness of last nights festivities has made me pretty tuckered out. Time again for some cards, reading and sleep.

Today's run: recovery, 45 minutes easy.

Next race on Wednesday in Braasschat, either 1,500m or 800m.

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